Speaking Engagements

Book us to deliver an inspiring talk about the power of social enterprise or to deliver a workshop at your next conference.  Or build an event around a visit from one of us and while we’re in your community - make sure we meet as many local change makers and civil servants as possible.  

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Social Enterprise
Boot Camps

We deliver two to three-day interactive sessions to transfer everything we know to your community about a specific, successful model.  This is your option if you’re looking to start a social enterprise like www.buildingup.ca in your urban context or  in a First Nation context.  You’ll have everything you need to get going at the end of our time together.



Making Your
Non-Profit More Entrepreneurial  

How can your non-profit move away from relying on funding and participate in the economy? Learn about how to make the transition by tapping into the power of social procurement and also how to measure and then sell the incredibly valuable outcomes of your work. This workshop ideally takes two days and involves your key personnel and stakeholders. At the end of this workshop you’ll have the idea and tools you need to jump into the social enterprise sector.



Change Maker Workshop

If you’d like to get various stakeholders in your community thinking about and then moving from managing problems to problem solving, this is the workshop you need. Learn why and how governments create problems and the tools of social innovation that can be used to unleash the power of social enterprise. What is a social enterprise? What are some examples of social businesses from around the world? And learn about Encompass’ 10 Steps to Developing a Social Enterprise. This workshop is typically two days but can be done in one day.



Social Innovation
for Civil Servants

As the League for Intrapreneurs says:  “Find purpose. Change lives. Transform your industry. All without quitting your day job…”

The role of government is about to change and change dramatically from managing expensive problems to supporting problem solvers. Learn the tools of social innovation that create markets for solutions. This workshop is ideally two days but can be done in one day as well. We work with cabinet ministers, political staff of all parties and civil servants. 



Mission Measurement

Some experts are predicting that the era of funding is coming to an end. This one-day workshop gives funders (governments, charities and foundations) and non-profits the basics about how to measure the value of the impact of your work and about how to sell and buy social outcomes in the marketplace.




We are available to work with you in all of the areas above and more on specific projects.For example: Does your First Nation or government require a social enterprise strategy? Do you want us to measure your non-profit’s outcomes and prepare an offer sheet? Do you need some systems developed to make your social enterprise run smoother? We’re here to help.