In partnership with the Ethics and Integrity Institute of Nairobi, Kenya we are please to present the:


With Shaun Loney: October 21-22, 2019 in Toronto, Canada

Encompass Co-op exists to connect successful practitioners from across Canada with entrepreneurs, non-profits, foundations and civil servants that want to change the world and know that changing the economy.  We are excited to share our stories with you to give you a head start on the exciting problem solving paradigm that’s quickly emerging. 


If you’d like to get stakeholders in your community thinking about and then moving from managing problems to problem solving, this is the workshop you need. Learn why and how governments create problems and the tools of social innovation that can be used to unleash the power of social enterprise. 


What is a social enterprise? What are some examples of social businesses from around the world? And learn about Encompass’ 10 Steps to Developing a Social Enterprise. 

If you have an existing non-profit you’ll learn about how to make the transition by tapping into the power of social 

procurement and also how to measure and then sell the incredibly valuable outcomes of your work. At the end of this workshop you’ll have the idea and tools you need to make the leap into the social enterprise sector.


Join us Oct 21-22 2019 in Toronto for this empowering workshop and guided tour of one of Canada’s leading social enterprises “BUILDING UP”.

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Jackline Nyandeje - Group Team Leader

Ethics and Integrity Institute - Mashiara Park, Kaptagat Road -P .O. Box 5554-00200

Nairobi, Kenya